About SFPro:

As founder and executive producer of SFPro, Sam Fox began his career as a filmmaker in Columbus, OH as a sophomore in highschool. Taking Brodcast and Video Production for two consecutive years, he quickly learned the basics of editing in both imovie and Final Cut Pro. Having held his first camcorder (Samsung SCD-107) around this time, he immediately began putting it to use creating home movies, recording events and editing everything in imovie on his 12 in. powerbook G4. After graduating in 2005, he began pursuing his dreams more seriously by purchasing the Canon XL2 camcorder, the Canon 60d and selling his car to buy the new macbook pro before moving out to one of the film mechas in the midwest.


Now residing in the Windy City of Chicago, Sam is attending Columbia College Chicago as a film/video major with a concentration in screenwriting. He spends most of his time either writing scripts or editing for numerous jobs, but still makes time to play guitar, skateboard and explore the streets of downtown Chicago on his trusty road bike.



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